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Dear Thelma, Five years ago, I fell in love with X. You have been together for five years, and yet you still feel that he does not love you. Many would agree that what you are doing is cheating on X.What scares me the most is how mature they look and feel – gone is the naivete of my teens, shaped by Britney’s low-riders and lyrics (listen to this for a dose of nostalgia); instead, you have a bunch of little Reformation mannequins walking around, spewing wearied wisdom.They are also strangely pragmatic about their love lives, to the point where I almost feel like sticking them in front of a never-ending marathon of The Notebook and force-feeding them Twizzlers until they cave in.The other day a friend of mine made an interesting observation: "I've seen more and more of my 30-something female friends be pursued by guys in their early 20s. I wonder if it's the generational difference." That's when it struck me: Are Generation Y guys (and women) more optimistic about marriage and family than Generation X?After all, Millennials were the "Baby on Board" generation.

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