Who is chrystina sayers dating aka dj zinhle dating

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[Intro: Spose] OK, Spose, and Girlicious [Hook: Natalie, all three] In the next three minutes, if I don't get a drink You ain't seeing pink, you ain't seeing pink In the next two minutes, if I don't get a sip You ain't getting shit, you ain't getting shit In the next minute, if I don't get a shot We ain't getting hot, we ain't getting hot In the next five secs, if I don't get a glass You ain't getting ass, boy, don't even ask [Verse 1: Nichole & Spose] I see these boys, and uh, they always think (Uh...) "If I can hit it, I'd be the dopest" (Such a fucking tease) I look like sex (Uh-huh), with no regret (Yup) So Mr.

The group was formed from that one stupidly entertaining competition reality show back in 2008 (good times).

The contestants live together in a loft in Los Angeles and compete in a sequence of challenges that test their singing and dancing abilities.

They’re judged by Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin, rap artist Lil’ Kim, and Ron Fair, the president of Geffen Records.

Each of the nine girls receives a boa at the beginning of the series and, if they are eliminated, Robin tells them they must exit the stage and hang up their boa.

The last contestant is initiated as a member of the group.

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