Updating curtains

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(Okay, I might just be cheap.) I’m Kelly and I blog about how we’re fixing up our crusty ol’ foreclosure on the teensiest budget over at View Along the Way. I’ll take some swiss chocolate and italian leather, pretty please and thank you.

Here’s an easy-to-follow tutorial to make your own lined curtains for people who don’t know if they’re sewers of seamstresses or tailors or even how to sew anything besides a straight stitch (like me! How killer do these curtains look that she made from a tablecloth?! The whole process, which you can read about here, is no-sew (unless you need to hem your curtains, but you can use stitch witchery for that too if you want! Did you know in the space of just a few minutes, you can make your old tab-top curtains look fancy-schmancy?

Decorate them with ribbons, tassels, or cut them up to create a different style.

Keep reading to see how you can makeover your boring curtains on a budget!

Or 0 for our entire baby girl’s nursery, all the furniture. Using couture design as an inspiration and figuring out how to translate it (okay, copy it) for minimal cash. I dig the chunky horizontal stripe look because it’s graphic and it make the room look a little wider, and I shall love these until the end of days. Remember when Chris used a simple ribbon to make her rod-pocket panels gather like she wanted? My blog is View Along the Way, and you can follow along on facebook, twitter or pinterest…

Since we’re all stuck back at home while Chris takes her glamorous tour of Europe – – I’m excited to be here sharing some easy ways to hack your curtains! Can we all just agree that curtains cost way more money than they should? …and when I say it’s a teensy budget, I mean like redoing our laundry room top to bottom for only 7. Paint stripes on your curtains These are just plain white curtains from target that I painted: The coolest part is the paint is washable, so when my kids’ peanut butter fingers , I can fight back. Hack your curtains to make them gather evenly Another brilliant Just a Girl tutorial!

I’d highly recommend getting this style if you are going to use them for this purpose.

You want something that can be pushed out of the way easily. I also don’t feel like we lost any privacy by removing them.

Bringing some life into your plain curtains has never been easier!

You can also use tassels to add a formal touch to your plain curtains, making a room feel fancier. Cut the bottom off each curtain panel to make them shorter, or make a valance for your kitchen windows.

Another idea is using them to make curtain ties, adding a subtle dressy effect. Ribbon Ribbons come in many styles, sizes, designs, and colors that the possibilities of decorating with it are endless. Old curtains can also be used to make a fabric shower curtain.

“There is no point in being frugal if it is joyless,” says Eithne.

New look: the Petersiks’ office, with reupholstered chairs and charity shop cabinets (Pic: Kip Dawkins) BARGAIN HUNTING “Try Red Cross charity shops, flea markets, house auctions and e Bay,” says Eithne.

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