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One night after getting together to paint the outside of a pro-life pregnancy clinic with protest messages, Kurt and Bikini Kill's lead singer and songwriter, Kathleen Hanna, were hanging out in his motel room, talking about things like anarchy, punk rock, and politics.Once Kurt had fallen asleep, Kathleen took a Sharpie and playfully scrawled a message on his wall: KURT SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT.The Olympia, Washington-based group became the primary party organ for the Riot Grrrl movement, a loose network of young female musicians, writers, and activists organized in opposition to the patriarchy inside and outside of the D. Bikini Kill became lightning rods for macho trolls and icons for those who wanted a more liberated, girl-positive world.This month, Bikini Kill’s self-titled debut EP turns 20.One of the few female punk bands who didn’t shy away from being ‘girl identified’, their drummer, Tobi Vail, actually invented the term ‘grrrl’ when her 'Jigsaw' fanzine took off in the late 80s.It was one of the first Northwestern punk zines to deal with the issue of gender inequality.

Long story short - Because Courtney hated the women associated with Kurt, she spun a number of stories about how everyone in Olympia hated her for no reason because it paints her as a victim.Despite appearing on no actual studio album, the song was a regular part of Nirvana's live show, and it's become a massive fan favorite.Back in the fall of 1990, when Nirvana only had one album to their credit and were only beginning to make a name for themselves on the Washington state music scene, Kurt Cobain was dating a woman named Tobi Vail.Kurt Cobain's tumultuous relationship with Bikini Kill drummer Toby Vail inspired many of Nirvana's most emotional songs, including the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" b-side "Aneurysm." "Love you so much it makes me sick," he sings."She keeps it pumpin' straight to my heart." Vail may have given Kurt an "aneurysm," but not long after this song came out he began dating Courtney Love.

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