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Since we all see a bit of ourselves in this modern day diva, let's see how our dating lives reflect that of Taylor Swift.In 2008, then country newbie Taylor Swift found love with boy-bander Joe Jonas.

Because Taylor's so famous, people are fascinated by what goes on with her,' professional matchmaker Samantha Daniels, who founded The Dating Lounge app, told Daily Mail Online.'Having other people notice what you do and comment, you might begin second guessing,' Samantha explained. If you think about being affectionate, you have to wonder if someone is taking your picture.When Taylor outed Joe for his juvenile phone breakup, he spun the story to make it sound like she was crazy and possessive.Your former flame probably does the same, complaining about your “clingy ways” to his friends in an attempt to come off cool.It's always funny when a wholesome couple breaks up in a petty way.I was such a big fan of Taylor Swift's until this video calling out Joe Jonas for breaking up with her came about.

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