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For the RØDE M1 live dynamic and RØDE Classic II (Limited Edition) microphone only, this warranty can be extended to the lifetime of the product from the date of purchase.To be eligible for the extension of the warranty, the original purchaser must register the purchase of their RØDE M1 live dynamic microphone or RØDE Classic II (Limited Edition) online at com/warranty.Newly released from Fender is the Jimi Hendrix Signature Stratocaster While there have been many variations on the Stratocaster over the years, the same basic design, with contoured body, bolt-on 25.5” scale length neck, three single-coil pickups and Fender vibrato system, has continuously remained at the heart of the Strat legacy.Today, however, Fender markets an unprecedented variety of Stratocasters, ranging from the pint-sized Squier Mini Strat, with 22.75” scale neck and hardtail bridge, to pre-modded axes equipped with dual-coil humbucker pickups and Floyd Rose tremolo systems.Although it was initially designed with a great deal of input from country and swing guitarists, such was its versatility that the Strat soon caught on with rockers like Buddy Holly and English instrumental band The Shadows, as well as blues, surf, and jazz players of all stripes.Today, the Strat is identified as the guitar of choice for such giants as Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton, as well as legendary pickers like Robin Trower, Rory Gallagher and Jeff Beck, to name just a few.

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The mk2 doesn't have that black band and the nt1a is silver.

Australie: Lu~ve: 9h~17h (AEST) États-Unis: Lu~ve: 8h30~17h (PST) Veuillez noter que les bureaux seront fermés aux dates suivantes: Australia: March 25, 28, April 25.

It is well suited to a wide range of recording tasks, and is built to a high standard of manufacture...

If you don't like hiss building up in your recordings, courtesy of noisy mics and preamps, have a listen to the NT1-A - you won't hear a thing. This mic has such an incredible dynamic range that it'll catch everything from blaring cymbals to a vocal breath ten feet away!

I've used it for all my vocal and guitar tracks and have even been surprised with it's piano capability!

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