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All of these features are packaged in an efficient, relatively inexpensive and robust structure. Additionally, the enclosures may be operated either by hand or with a motor.The enclosure apparatus is operated by linear movement of the hub assembly, either by a motor assembly or manually, to cause simultaneous movement of the base legs, the upper arms and the latch connectors between opened and folded positions by tensioning the cables. An embodiment of the invention is shown in , in the form of a foldable child enclosure apparatus 10 configured in the form of a play yard, or playpen, and also useable as a crib.The lower corner assemblies are pivotally connected to the side posts and the base legs so as to prevent unintended opening of the enclosure from a folded position.a base assembly forming a lower portion of the enclosure, the base assembly being operatively connected to the hub assembly and being movable between opened and folded positions by the hub assembly; andan upper assembly forming an upper portion of the enclosure, the upper assembly being operatively connected to the hub assembly by cables, the upper assembly being movable to an opened position and to a folded position by the hub assembly causing the cables to increase in tension, and the upper assembly comprising upper arms and latch connectors, the latch connectors each comprising a biased slide bolt and at least one rivet,forming a frame including a hub assembly, a base assembly, a side structure and an upper assembly, the upper assembly comprising upper arms and latch connectors, the latch connectors each comprising a biased slide bolt and at least one rivet;connecting the base assembly to the upper assembly with an operating structure wherein the operating structure causes movement of the upper assembly into an opened position by releasing the biased slide bolt to abut with the at least one rivet in response to motion of the hub assembly upwardly and downwardly. The play yard is portable, and as such, is foldable, closable or collapsible so as to move between an opened, deployed position as graphically shown in , for transport and/or storage.Amount response questions asked me to respond is virtue of being poor girl in these bars prostitute, but should be experienced enough.

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18, 1950 7 Sheets-Sheet 2 www www www lm l [email protected] wl... HQLLQWAY ET AL WLB-95 BOWLING PIN s Po TTING AND REs Po TTING MECHANISM Filed Aug. `It is a further object of the invention to provide a spotting [and respotting table which is moved to and from the playing bed of -a bowling alley, and wherein the table is loca-ted at the same height above the bed both when spotting and respotting pins, thus making it possible to provide a simple harmonic drive for actuating the table.

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The following description is provided to enable those skilled in the art to make and use the described embodiments set forth in the best modes contemplated for carrying out the invention.

For the purpose of facilitating an understanding of the invention, the accompanying drawings and description illustrate preferred embodiments thereof, from which the invention, its structures, its construction and operation, its processes, and many related advantages may be readily understood and appreciated.

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