Dj joshua dating in the dark

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In the days leading up to it, we were supporting Clutch in the UK and our last show was in Leeds.That evening, someone (I wish I could remember who) came up with the woefully naive idea that if we drove straight from Leeds to Novarock, we could arrive just in time to see Metallica headline the first night, a full two days before our slot. In the early days word quickly spreading as a warning to other touring bands: “Never drink with the Psychos! Philadelphia's STRAND OF OAKS (USA) is a sledgehammer of a band rife with unrestrained sonic expression who beautifully capture the loose, hedonistic vibe we’re all searching for. But perhaps their biggest reputation is their ability to drink pubs dry.Unfortunately for both of them, they attended one of Marcel's murder parties.Since Marcel lost one of his vampires before, he needed a new vampire. As a result, Josh was turned into a vampire by Marcel Gerard or someone in his sireline.

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He became more confident in himself, and after Davina made him a new Daylight Ring (at the courtesy of Klaus), he finally started to enjoy his new life.

At first, Josh had a hard time adjusting his new life as a vampire and making friends among the other nightwalkers.

Most of it, of course, was due to Klaus compelling the baby vampire to do his bidding and serve as his spy.

All of a sudden we were trundling down the motorway in the hope of catching an early Channel Tunnel crossing.

There were two key oversights to this plan:we were driving an old LDV Convoy van (a rattly relic of dull British engineering), and Novarock was 1,100 miles away.

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