Did ed westwick dating leighton meester

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Dan and Serena may be known as the ultimate experiment in Upper East Side dating, but did you know that there was chemistry between these two off screen as well?

"The evil side of Blair is somewhere in me," she muses, "but acting her out is like therapy.Better than being named after an actual pen, we guess. In her novels, Vanessa only wears black and is completely bald. Her white and gold dress is by Georges Chakra Couture. Serena's is Serena Celia van der Woodsen (the ' Celia' is after her grandma, Ce Ce).He turned down the role twice, and had to be convinced into taking it by producer Stephanie Savage. She plays a guest at a Constance Billard mixer event. Although when the last season’s final episode finished I felt both joy and great sadness.The joy was coming from the end, because was all I wanted, Chuck and Blair together forever.

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