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We allow anything to be done during the session as long as it is NON-SEXUAL eg: dinner/movies/music concerts (you are still paid for these sessions).Although we offer services to a wide variety of people, they all have one thing in common, they need a hug.His arm may go around her shoulders, her head may rest on his chest. One of you has to stop the other and there is an awkwardness between you then.Or maybe the other doesn’t stop and things go beyond where you both know you should, and then it becomes really strange.They are looking for the comfort that someone’s touch brings.

The worst part for me is missing the intimacy of having someone "there" and the feeling of being wanted. The satisfaction you feel when she's just laying her head on your chest as your both watching a movie at home, the way she holds your arm when walking in public, when she would come up behind you and hug you as you're cooking a dinner. Now, unfortunately for me, my hang up is that I can't be sexually intimate with someone that I can't be in a relationship, so that rules out the one night stands and fvck buddies. These are female friends who are friends, yet more than friends because they are single as well and miss the relationship intimacy such that I've described above.

They are also asked to read over and agree to the client contract before being put in touch with a snuggler.

These terms outline everything from appropriate behavior to proper hygiene.

Follow these easy seven tips and you’ll snag your winter cuddle buddy just in time for the first snowfall.

Our cuddle buddy steps are easier than hiding a dog in your dorm (unless you’re at a pet friendly college). When you focus on your strengths you project that strength to others.

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