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‘I’m just depressed about how much better preserved you are than I am after 22 years,’ he joked, adding: ‘You’re still a southern peach and I am, according to Twitter, a scrotum.’ Four Weddings And A Funeral,penned by Richard Curtis and directed by Mike Newell, saw Grant’s character falling in love with Carrie as he bumbles and blusters his way through the titular ceremonies.But of course romance gets the better of everybody in the end.I had a broken wrist at the time and they signed my cast, so it made my life. Andie: You are loving and gentle, but I'm glad you think I taught that to you. She found out some of the kittens had died because this man just shut them in the basement so she took the surviving kittens. She was so into saving these kittens, and now she volunteers at animal shelters.

With any luck, out of 10 lovers, at least one will be great and inspire confidence in oneself – and thus in relationships.

It also spawned the Wet Wet Wet hit Love Is All Around – which spent 15 weeks at the top of the UK charts – as well as turning Hugh Grant into a household name, with the actor later doing the British romcom thang in both Notting Hill and Love Actually.

Resident celeb Andie Mc Dowell was flying on a Continental Airlines from Newark to Asheville this morning when she saw an opportunity to let off some steam.

Her next eruption was during the beverage service where she very loudly chastised the attendant for his “rudeness,” which he, in this traveler’s opinion, deflected well enough (though, to be fair, I think this was the point when he first realized he had chastised a movie star).

The final act was, on landing, where two older beefy men from New Jersey began egging her on, “That guy showed you no respect,” to which she responded to by launching into a diatribe about the sad state of air travel today, uttering Andieisms like “You used to look forward to flying, it used to be fun,” “Maybe everybody is so mean these days because of their financial situation,” and “I’m the victim here, I would fly another airline, but what good what that do? Mc Dowell was her standing at the gate, surrounded by (male) airline workers, as she likely took the first steps to getting our hapless attendant fired.

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